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Canoeing was featured as a demonstration sport at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris, while flatwater canoeing became an Olympic discipline in Berlin 1936. Initially, it was limited to canoe sprint until canoe slalom made its debut at the 1972 Munich Games. Slalom racing was not featured again until the 1992 Barcelona Games. Currently, canoe/kayak flatwater program comprises a total of 12 events, while canoe slalom will feature four events in Tokyo 2020.

List of Events

Canoe Sprint

Men Women
C-1 1000m (Canoe Single) K-1 200M (Kayak Single)
C-1 200m (Canoe Single) K-1 500m (Kayak Single)
C-2 1000m (Canoe Double) K-2 500m (Kayak Double)
K-1 1000m (Kayak Single) K-2 500m (Kayak Double)
K-1 200m (Kayak SIngle)  
K-2 1000m (Kayak Double)  
K-2 200m (Kayak Double)  
K-4 1000m (Kayak Four)  








Canoe Slalom

Men Women
Canoe Single Canoe Single
Kayak Single Kayak Single

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