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Muay Thai is a martial arts originated in Asia but has since become global sport. It has many practical aspects which include self defense, fitness and for competition. Muay Thai utilizes the hands, elbows, knees and legs to both strike and block. Muay Thai is a variation of Muay Boran which translates to 'Ancient Boxing'. Muay Thai and IFMA have been recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia since 1999 and was a demonstration sport in the 1998 Asian Games. It was first incorporated into the Asian Indoor Games in 2005.

List of Events

Men Women
Bantamweight 51-54kg Flyweight 48-51kg
Featherweight 54-57kg Bantamweight 51-54kg
Lightweight 57-60kg Featherweight 54-57kg
Light welterweight 60-63.5kg Lightweight 57-60kg
Welterweight 63.5-67kg Light welterweight 60-63.5kg
Light middleweight 75-81kg  
Cruiserweight 81-86kg  

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