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Pencak Silat


Pencak silat is a non-aggressive martial arts from Indonesia. Silat employs natural body movements and develops balance and economy of movement in each individual. It enhances and strengthens self-awareness, self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, loyalty and cooperation amongst its practitioners. Today, there are hundreds of different forms of Pencak Silat. As a competition, it comprises of two disciplines: seni and standing. Pencak Silat was incorporated into the Asian Beach Games in 2008 and the Asian Indoor Games in 2009. It made its official debut in the Asian Games in 2018.

List of Events


  • Tunggal (men, women)
  • Ganda (men, women)
  • Regu (men, women)


Men Women
50-55kg 50-55kg
55-60kg 55-60kg
60-65kg 60-65kg

Based on the 2018 Asian Games events

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