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AHF Presents Order of Merit Award to NOC Indonesia
 12 Mar 2022
Writer : NOC Team
AHF Presents Order of Merit Award to NOC Indonesia - Indonesia Olympic Commitee
Credit: NOC Team

The Asian Hockey Federation presents the AHF Order of Merit Award for the Olympic Committee of Indonesia and President Raja Sapta Oktohari.

The Asian Hockey Federation Chief Executive Dato Tayyab Ikram presented the award during the Committee's 70th-anniversary celebration on Saturday in Jakarta.

Dato Ikram said the award was presented to acknowledge the Committee's services and support to the Indonesia Hockey Federation and the Asian Hockey Federation.

"This is the highest reward in our organization, order of merit, and this is only for the people who have extended services in sports. It goes to Indonesia and Raja Sapta Oktohari altogether because Indonesia as a country has done by organizing the 2018 Asian Games. It is a fantastic experience for all top athletes in Asia, and the Indonesia Olympic Committee undertook this important job because it was delivered in a fantastic way," Dato Ikram said.

"Now we have Raja Sapta as President. He's a young and dynamic leader. The Asian Hockey Federation and the International Hockey Federation recognize his services and direction towards the future. He's thinking about bringing the Olympics here, bringing the top events to Indonesia to develop the sports and make the sports as a strong weapon for the world peace."

Okto said he was humbled to receive the highest award from the Asian Hockey Federation.

"I'm surprised. I didn't have a clue. Dato Ikram told me that he wanted to have a private discussion, so I invited him to come here. It turned out he wanted to present the award. I appreciate the honor given by AHF and IHF for the Olympic Committee of Indonesia," he said.