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South Korea, NOC Indonesia Discusses Olympics Preparation

NOC Indonesia News Update   08 Apr 2021

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Indonesia on Thursday (8/4) met with NOC Indonesia’s officials, to discuss several topics, including both countries’ preparation towards the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. Jihui Seong, Second Secretary of Embassy of the Republic of Korea attended the discussion with NOC Indonesia’s Secretary General Ferry Kono and Vice Secretary-General, Wijaya Noeradi.

With the Games less than four months away, Ferry explained Indonesia’s preparation for the upcoming Games. Despite the decision by Tokyo 2020 Olympics Organizing Committee (TOCOG) to ban foreign spectators and limit the accredited guests, NOC Indonesia remains in touch with TOCOG, while waiting for their official decision.

“We know the difficult situation in which this year’s Olympics is staged, but we will coordinate with TOCOG and respect their decision, at the same time we want to prepare as well as possible and adapt to the situation and health protocols,” said Ferry.

The topic of 2032 Olympics bid was also one of the topics mentioned in the meeting. Indonesia is currently in the Continuous Dialogue phase with the International Olympic Community (IOC), the same phase with the Republic of Korea that plans to co-host the 2032 Games together with neighbours Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“In the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang 2018, we have a unified Korea team [in women’s ice hockey] as a symbol of peace in the Korean peninsula. Even though Brisbane is the targeted dialogue partner, we believe it is not final, and we’re pushing to host it together,” according to Jihui.

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