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Bali to Host UIPM Sports World Championships
 25 Jan 2022
Writer : NOC Team
Bali to Host UIPM Sports World Championships - Indonesia Olympic Commitee
Credit: NOC Team

The International Modern Pentathlon Federation (UIPM) confirms that Bali will host major UIPM events in the next two years.

Bali will host the UIPM 2023 Biathle/Triatle World Championships, which will mark the first time the Biathle/Triatle World Championships are hosted in Asia.

On its website, UIPM stated that the selection of Bali built upon the legacy of the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia. It said that the modern pentathlon had been steadily growing in Indonesia with the country's youth progressing through the ranks, and the event will further ignite the progress.

UIPM President Dr. Klaus Schormann said: "This is another hugely important day for our great sports, and I am so pleased to welcome these wonderful host cities. Growing all of the multi-discipline sports of UIPM, opening them to new communities, and inspiring the next generations remains our focus. For those and so many other reasons, these three cities are very exciting destinations for our major events. I am particularly happy to welcome Ankara as a new host city for a major Championship as Turkey has become a great, stable friend to our sports. And it is with great pride that we will see Asia host a Biathle/Triatle World Championships for the first time next year in Bali. This competitive and inspiring bid process emphasizes the continued health and attraction of our UIPM sports and events."


Photo: Antara Foto/Inasgoc/Nugroho Sejati