NOC Indonesia Delegation Impressed with Aspire Academy - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

NOC Indonesia Delegation Impressed with Aspire Academy

NOC Indonesia News Update   10 Feb 2021

The Indonesian Olympic Committee get the first-hand experience at Aspire Academy during their visit to Doha, Qatar, on Tuesday.

The committee's President, Raja Sapta Oktohari, said he was inspired by the facilities and believed that the academy would nurture great athletes for the country.

"I'm so excited to have come here and check directly what Aspire Academy is all about. I heard so many things about Aspire. Now we have experienced for ourselves how you have developed fantastic institution with facilities which I believe in the future will produce so many good athletes from across many sports, not only athletics and football, but other sports including cycling," Okto said.

"I wish Aspire Academy and Qatar the best in this mission. We are looking forward to extending our cooperation between our NOCs and maybe with our academy in Indonesia as well."

Okto was accompanied by Secretary General Ferry J. Kono, vice secretary-general Wijaya M. Noeradi, and Executive Committee members, Rafiq Hakim Radinal and Teuku Arlan Perkasa. They saw all the facilities, including training pitch and medical laboratory.

In the tour, the delegation were accompanied by Esperanza Campuzano, Public Relations Officer of Aspire Academy.

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