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Eko Yuli wins Indonesia's Second Medal

Indonesian Olympic News Update   25 Jul 2021

TOKYO (25/07/21) - Indonesia’s top lifter, Eko Yuli Irawan, won his fourth Olympic medal. In the men’s 61kg event, Eko’s total lift of 302kg means Indonesia has now won its second medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

This achievement is Eko’s second consecutive silver medal after Rio 2016. Eko has become the first Indonesian athlete to win four medals in four different Olympics with this feat. In Beijing 2008 and London 2012, the 32-year old lifter won bronze medals.

Held in Tokyo International Forum Hall, Eko started brightly with a Snatch lift of 137kg. However, Eko’s second and third attempt of 141kg was unsuccessful.

That leaves the door open for Li Fabin. The Chinese lifter failed in his first
Snatch attempt of 137kg. But he quickly rectifies his failure in the second attempt. His third attempt in the Snatch lift of 141kg gives him a significant cushion over Eko.

"I think my preparation was not sufficient because of the restriction from the pandemic. My technique in the snatch still needs work," said Eko.

In the Clean & Jerk, Eko’s first attempt of 165kg was successful. However, Fabin’s Olympic record-breaking 172kg in his second clean & jerk attempt means Eko must go all out if he wants to catch Fabin. With Indonesians holding their breath in anticipation watching on TV, unfortunately, Eko’s two attempts of 177kg fell short, and he had to settle for the silver medal.

"I apologize to the people of Indonesia. I can't give them the gold medal, which was my goal," said Eko after the match.

Li Fabin of China won the gold medal with an Olympic Record of 313kg total lift. Igor Son from Kazakhstan completes the podium, winning the bronze medal with a total lift of 294kg.  

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