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FPTI Appreciates Great Effort from the Olympic Committee of Indonesia
 20 Jan 2022
Writer : NOC Team
FPTI Appreciates Great Effort from the Olympic Committee of Indonesia - Indonesia Olympic Commitee
Credit: NOC Team

The Indonesian Sport Climbing Federation (FPTI) praised the hard work shown by the Olympic Committee of Indonesia in the effort to reach the compliant status from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Chairwoman of FPTI, Yenny Wahid, said the federation had great concern about the issue as Indonesia will host the sport climbing world cup in October.

"FPTI would like to thank and appreciate the Committee's hard work, led by Raja Sapta Oktohari, to ensure that Indonesia solves the anti-doping issue as we have great concern regarding the matter. In October, Indonesia will host the world cup, and we're confident of winning gold medals. It's a pity if we can't fly the Red-White flag if Indonesia has yet to secure the compliant status," Yenny said.

Moreover, she also agreed with the proposal from the Committee, which suggests an exemption for sports stakeholders, local and abroad, who enter Indonesia. 

"When we host a world-class competition, it needs coordination with people from the international federation. They have to visit the venue or meet with the national federation. And, they need good mobility. When people from IF come to see the venue, they can't afford to stay in the hotel for a long time due to quarantine. That's why we appreciate the proposal from Pak Okto," Yenny added.