NOC Indonesia Collaborate with Heart Foundation to Promote Olympic Values - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

NOC Indonesia Collaborate with Heart Foundation to Promote Olympic Values

NOC Indonesia News Update   26 Mar 2022

Sport for All commission of the Olympic Committee of Indonesia teamed up with the Indonesian Heart Foundation organizing the mass healthy heart exercise in Jakarta Sunday, as an effort to promote the Olympic Values.

Commission member Linday Wahyudi said the commission had planned several programs to promote sport for all to spread Olympic Values - excellence, friendship, and respect - to the public.

"By organizing the event, the commission wants to get closer to the public and promote sport for all as it's our focus in 2022," Linda said.

She added that the commission was pleased to see the great interest shown by people in the event.

"It shows that sports belong to people, without any barrier. We can also teach many positive things when we're doing an exercise. In the future, we will organize an event in schools as we want to promote Olympic Values to the grassroots," she said.

Chairwoman of the Indonesian Heart Foundation Esti Nurjadin said that healthy heart exercise is good for our heart.

"The healthy heart exercise aims to strengthen the heart muscle, prevent arteries' damage, lower blood pressure, and control your body weight. The foundation has a mission to increase people's awareness on preventing cardiovascular disease through five-effort to a healthy heart. And, doing regular exercise is one of the major efforts," Esti said.

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