SEA Games
Gold slipped away from Pencak Silat
 16 May 2022
Writer : NOC Team
Gold slipped away from Pencak Silat - Indonesia Olympic Commitee
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Indonesia had to settle for fourth place in Pencak Silat overall medal tally, after taking home three silver medals on the last day of the competition on Monday (16/5). Indonesia finished the competition with one gold medal, five silvers, and three bronzes.

The three medalists on Monday were Khoirudin Mustakim (Men's 50-55kg), Muhammad Yahser Arafa (Men's 55-60kg), and Ronaldo Neno (Men's 80-85kg).

Against Malaysia's Muhammad Khairi Adib Azhar, Mustakim had a great chance to win the gold medal, he led in points until the last minute of the third round, when things took a turn. Mustakim's kick landed against Khairi's neck, with the Malaysian needing medical attention. In the heat of the moment, the Indonesian coaching team also got a yellow card.

Mustakim received a 10-point penalty, trailing by a point (50-49), Mustakim could not use the remaining 10 seconds to catch up.

"There were three moments when the decision went against Mustakim. Such as when he received the penalty, it should have been five points instead of 10," said Indro Cipto, coach of the Pencak Silat team.

Another disappointment looms for Indonesia when Yahser Arafa was disqualified against Singapore's Muhammad Yahzim. Yahser was leading until the third round, when his kick caught the opponent's head, causing him to drop to the floor.

The referee disqualified Yahser without further review. Indro believes, Yahser should have been given points deduction rather than a straight disqualification.

"The opponent was tiring, hence why he caught him in the head. That should have been a warning or deduction not a disqualification," Indro explains after the match.

Despite the disappointment, Indro takes full responsibility for the result.

"I will tell it as it is, we're disappointed but we have to upheld sportsmanship and I apologize for this result," Indro added.

Mustakim was visibly disappointed after the final. He could not believe he let the gold medal slip away from his grasp.

"In the last minute, I made an error. The opponent's movement caused me to make a high kick," said Mustakim.

"I apologized to the people of Indonesia because I could not give the gold medal," Mustakim added.

Mustakim is determined to make amends in the next SEA Games in 2023, he also won the silver medal in the 2019 edition.

"I still want to win the gold medal, I hope I can do it in 2023," Mustakim concluded.