Gregoria aces first test - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

Gregoria aces first test

Indonesian Olympic News Update   25 Jul 2021

Making her Olympic debut, Grego admits that she was nervous, hence a couple of early errors to start the game. But she soon overcomes her nerve.

"This is the biggest tournament I have played in, so there was some nerve. I also didn't do too well in previous tournaments. So I want to get a good result. At one point, I felt my hand froze. But praise lord, in the middle of the first game and second game, I felt calmer," said Grego after the game.

The 21-year old joins Thet and Lianne Tan of Belgium in group M. If she wins against Tan in the next game on Wednesday (28/7), she will go through to the next round.

Grego wants to prepare herself better technically and mentally with two days' rest, especially with the fierce competition in the knockout stage.

"I want to prepare myself mentally. I've found my groove. But I need to prepare not just technically but mentally to overcome the jitters," she concludes.

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