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Indonesia to Host Asia Cup 2022
 15 Mar 2022
Writer : NOC Team
Indonesia to Host Asia Cup 2022 - Indonesia Olympic Commitee
Credit: NOC Team

The Asian Hockey Association (AHF) has allocated the hosting rights of the Hero Asia Cup 2022 to Indonesia, as it confirms today.

The appointment is officially announced after the Chief Executive of AHF Dato Tayyab Ikram and Chairman of the Indonesian Hockey Federation (FHI) Maj. Gen. Budi Sulistijono signed the agreement and was witnessed by the President of the Olympic Committee of Indonesia, Raja Sapta Oktohari.

Dato Ikram said it was part of the legacy building he had visioned after the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta.

"My vision from the very beginning is to bring here, together with the National Olympic Committee, a positive legacy of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta. And, we are halfway there. We will bring more events in the future," he said.

It will be the second hockey major event for FHI this year. Currently, FHI is hosting the Men's AHF Cup 2022, which serves as the qualifier event for the Hero Asia Cup 2022.

The Hero Asia Cup 2022 is the top-tier Asian continental championship. It will serve as the qualifier to the FIH Men’s World Cup 2023 as the top four teams from Hero Asia Cup 2022 will qualify to the FIH Men’s World Cup 2023.

The event is slated for May 23 to June 1. Eight teams will compete in the event. They are India, Pakistan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia (as the host), and two qualifiers from the Men’s AHF Cup 2022. 

"We are very proud to host an international event, such as the Hero Asia Cup 2022. We will try to meet the best standard in organizing the event. We also want our team to perform well in the event. We ask for support from the Olympic Committee of Indonesia and the government," Budi said.

FHI and the Committee have been working together recently. Three years ago, the Committee and FHI worked to find the best solution as the Indonesian hockey team was not allowed to play in the 2019 SEA Games.

"FHI has shown us the best practice of sports governance. Three years ago, we worked together to solve its internal problem. Now, FHI has developed athletes, trainers, and events," Okto said.

"The Committee is proud and would like to thank AHF and IHF for giving Indonesia this great opportunity. We're currently hosting the Men's AHF Cup 2022, a great event, and we will host a more prestigious event in the future, the Hero Asia Cup 2022. We're ready to help FHI in organizing the event if needed," Okto concluded.