Indonesia Announced as Sole Candidate for 2023 World Beach Games - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

Indonesia Announced as Sole Candidate for 2023 World Beach Games

NOC Indonesia News Update   25 Oct 2021

The Association of National Olympic Committee, ANOC, confirmed Indonesia as the sole candidate to host the 2023 World Beach Games as announced at the ANOC General Assembly in Crete, Greek, on Sunday.

President of the Olympic Committee of Indonesia Raja Sapta Oktohari said ANOC announced Indonesia as the sole candidate because the organization believed the country's track record in hosting international sports events.

"ANOC believes in our capabilities, especially after seeing Indonesia's success in hosting the 2018 Asian Games and Asian Para Games. The organization reckons Indonesia capable of hosting a world-caliber event, such as the World Beach Games," Okto claimed.

Indonesia had previous experience hosting Asian Beach Games back in 2008 in Bali, and it's an advantage for Indonesia. ANOC delegates will visit Indonesia later this year to review the proposed venues and other supporting facilities.

"ANOC has excellent interest to appoint Indonesia as the host. But, first thing first. We must work hard to lift WADA sanctions to make it happen. We will encourage the Indonesian Anti-Doping Body (LADI) to solve all pending matters," Okto added.

ANOC has announced 14 sports for the World Beach Games. Ten sports are the ANOC's core program - 5km open water swimming, beach water polo, beach soccer, beach handball, beach karate (individual kata), kite foil, beach tennis, aquathlon, 4x4 beach volley, and beach wrestling.

Doha, Qatar, hosted the inaugural World Beach Games in 2019 after San Diego gave up its host city status. The second event originally was scheduled for 2021, but the Covid-19 global pandemic forced ANOC to postpone the event. ANOC also decided to postpone the games to make way for Tokyo 2020 Summer Games and Beijing 2022 Winter Games.

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