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Indonesia Grabs Five Golds in E-Kempo World Champs

NOC Indonesia Member News   06 Apr 2021

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesian athletes have shown remarkable progress in the 2nd E-Kempo IKF World Championships on April 2-3.

Indonesian athletes participated in 28 of 36 kata events, taking five gold, six silver, and five bronze medals, a significant improvement after taking one silver and one bronze medals in the inaugural event last year.

The team got medals from different age groups, from 5-7 years old to +37 years old age group. They also came from eight different provinces, and it shows that the Indonesian Kempo Federation (Porkemi) has succeeded in developing the sport throughout the country though the organization was just established two years ago.

"We are glad as it shows that we have developed the sport throughout the country, not only in Jakarta. Although Porkemi is a considerably young organization, we have grown and established in 24 provinces with more than 100 dojos and more than 2,500 members. But it's not our primary focus. We prefer quality over quantity," said Porkemi founder Timbul Thomas Lubis on Monday.

Porkemi plans to visit the Indonesian Olympic Committee to report the progress achieved by Indonesian athletes in the recent competition.

The E-Kempo IKF World Championships is a virtual competition organized by the International Kempo Federation (IKF) due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The federation organized the inaugural event in August 2020. The competition comprises two main divisions, kata and weapon kata. Each division is divided into two sub-division, soft and hard.

The competitors must send their performance videos to the organizers, and three referees will judge their performance. All competitors must send unedited footage, and the organizers will do the quality control to check the video metadata.

"We strictly noticed all athletes not to edit their performance videos. The organizers have a quality control team to check each video metadata to make sure all videos are unedited," said Porkemi Vice Secretary-General, Musashi Nainggolan.

With such achievement, Timbul is confident that the Indonesian team will get more medals if it makes it to the multisport events, such as the Olympic Games and Asian Games.

"Can you imagine if kempo makes it to the Olympic Games? Indonesia could get medals because it will be shorinji kempo which will be induced into the Games," he said.

"We will explain to the Indonesian Olympic Committee and the sports ministry that Indonesia should support kempo to be an Olympic sport as it will be faster and easier."

Timbul added that Porkemi had got a nod from IKF to organize the first-ever Asian Kempo Championships in 2022 or 2023. If they manage to organize the continental championship, the Asian Games is the next target.

"Forget SEA Games. We informed the Indonesian Olympic Committee that IKF has agreed to hold the first Asian Kempo Championships in Indonesia. We hope we can get into the Asian Martial Arts Games after organizing the continental championships," he concluded.

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