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Indonesia Proposes Badminton Scoring System Change

NOC Indonesia Member News   05 Apr 2021

Badminton Association of Indonesia, PBSI, and Badminton Maldives propose a scoring system change, and the proposal will be one of the agenda discussed at the 82nd Badminton World Federation Annual General Meeting in May.

The proposal is based on five games on 11 points instead of three games up to 21 points.

PBSI official said BWF had proposed the plan during the 2018 annual meeting, but most of the members, including Indonesia, rejected the proposal.

"During the 2018 annual meeting, we rejected the proposal because BWF wanted to introduce the change in an instance. BWF planned to have tryouts in three to four minor tournaments before applying the new rule while the Olympic qualification was still on," said Bambang Roedyanto, PBSI head of international relations.

"If the rule was applied right away, athletes only had minimal time for adaptation. Besides, BWF also proposed against coaching staff companions on the sideline. Therefore, we rejected it."

Rudy added that the scoring system change would positively impact the sport's development, not only for athletes but also for all stakeholders.

"In the meeting, some countries rejected the proposal and preferred to discuss the proposal after the Tokyo Olympic. Then, we have an internal discussion with officials and coaching staff. We agreed that five games on 11 points more suitable for badminton in the future. Athletes will not rely solely on their stamina while match duration will be shorter and the match will be more intense from the start," he said.

He added that China had already tried the scoring system in its national championships in November 2020, and the result was good.

"Therefore, we decided to return with the proposal. It should be applied after the Tokyo Games, starting January 2020, and we'll try the system in all tournaments for a full year. After one year, athletes should give their feedbacks regarding the scoring system," he said.

Source: PBSI

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