IOC Gives Positive Response in the Presentation - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

IOC Gives Positive Response in the Presentation

NOC Indonesia News Update   26 May 2021

The Indonesian Olympic Committee earned a positive response from the International Olympic Committee for progress in its campaign to host the 2032 Olympic Games.

The Indonesian Olympic Committee President Raja Sapta Oktohari said that the Chairwoman of the IOC Future Host Commission for Olympic Games, Kristin Kloster Aasen, showed a positive response during Tuesday's presentation.

"We get a positive gesture from Aasen. She seemed impressed with our presentation and thought we have shown quick progress since previous presentation in February," said Okto.

During the presentation, Okto was accompanied by Secretary-General Ferry J. Kono, Vice Secretary General Wijaya M. Noeradi and Daniel Loy, executive committee members Teuku Arlan Perkasa, Rafiq Hakim Radinal, and Indra Gamulya, commission members Richard Sam Bera and Desra Firza Ghazfan, member of bidding committee Bernie Djonoputro, Nino Susanto, and Idham Bachtiar Setiadi.

The committee presented venue readiness, game plan, and Indonesian sports grand design from the Sports and Youth Ministry.

"IOC highlighted the Sports Grand Design and gave praise. Overall, the Future Host Commission didn't find any mistakes in our bidding proposal and stated that we're a potential candidate to host the Games as they see big potential in Indonesia," Okto added.

Based on the positive response from the Commission, Okto believes Indonesia can fulfill its ambition to host the Olympic Games as the IOC's new norm prefers dialogue rather than a beauty contest and make room to improve flexibility and bilateral cooperation.

"We got a few points from the meeting and we will push for other stakeholders involved to push better communication and cooperation with IOC in the future. We also hope for collaboration with IOC to improve our proposal to make Indonesia the first Southeast Asian country to host the Olympic Games," Okto concluded.

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