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NOC's Independence is protected by the Olympic Charter

NOC Indonesia News Update   16 Nov 2021

National Olympic Committees (NOCs) must be independent and free from intervention - this was the message stated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) during the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) General Assembly in Crete, Greece last month.

IOC's Head of Institutional Relations and Governance, Jerome Poivey, emphasizes that the independence of NOCs is vital in conducting its mission and role of advancing the Olympic Movement, as stated explicitly in the Olympic Charter.

"We reported the current situation in Indonesia, where the parliament is discussing amendments to the National Sports System law (Law No. 3 in 2005). Poivey stated that the NOC must be autonomous and independent, so any changes must not contradict the Olympic Charter," said Wijaya Noeradi, NOC Indonesia's Vice Secretary-General, on Monday (15/11).   

NOC Indonesia is a non-government organization that represents the IOC's interest in Indonesia. Article 27 of the Olympic Charter governs the role of the NOC, with its primary role "to promote the fundamental principles and values of Olympism, in their countries."

As IOC's representative, NOC has the exclusive authority to represent their respective countries at the Olympic Games and other multi-sports events at the continental and regional level patronized by the IOC. They are also entitled to the Olympic Solidarity funding program.

To maximize the role carried out by the NOC, the Olympic Charter allows for cooperation with its respective national government to create a harmonious relationship. But, the NOC must not associate itself or conduct activities that contradict the Olympic Charter.

Wijaya added that if NOC violates the Olympic Charter, IOC can take specific measures outlined in article 27, paragraph 8 of the Olympic Charter.  The most severe penalty that the IOC can impose on the NOC includes suspending the NOC's rights to participate in competitions and multi-sports events.

"Poivey appreciates that the government's effort regarding the National Sports System law is to improve the achievement of our sports, but he reminds us that the amendment must not violate the Olympic Charter, as it remains the NOC's point of reference," explained Wijaya.

A letter signed by the IOC's Chancellor, Otto Mayer, for Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, President of NOC Indonesia, in 1952 recognizes NOC Indonesia as a member of the IOC.

The IOC sent a similar letter back in 2013 to then Minister of Sports and Youth, Roy Suryo, recognizing the organization that Rita Subowo led as the National Olympic Committee in Indonesia.

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