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Anti-Doping Task Force Set the Work Timeline

NOC Indonesia News Update   09 Nov 2021

Indonesia's Task Force for WADA Sanctions set the work timeline for the Indonesian Anti-Doping Body, LADI, to get compliant status from the World Anti-Doping Agency.

On Tuesday, the task force drafted the timeline during a virtual meeting led by Task Force head Raja Sapta Oktohari and attended by all task force's members, including LADI's top brass, Chairman Musthofa Fauzi, Vice-Chairman Rheza Maulana, and Secretary-General Dessy Rosmelita.

"As we said earlier, There are three obstacles that we need to address - communication, administration, and technical things. We have solved the communication problem. Now, we need to speed up the other things, and LADI needs to settle these problems as soon as possible," Okto said after the meeting.

According to guidance from WADA and the Southeast Asian Regional Anti-Doping Organization, SEARADO, LADI must be independent and not be intervened. LADI should also hire full-time staff with good knowledge in anti-doping.

LADI also has to execute an effective, intelligent, and proportionate Test Distribution Planning, a crucial component of the International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI). The test should be conducted during the competition (in-competition testing) and outside (out of competition testing).

"In terms of administration, LADI can settle it in the next one or two weeks. For technical matters, LADI has a tight deadline until next week when the National Paralympic Games ends, while the out-of-competition test should be scheduled in the first week of December," Okto added.

LADI Chairman Musthofa Fauzi said he was confident they could meet TDP requirements according to the work timeline. Currently, LADI is working under supervision from JADA.

"Currently, we focus on conducting ICT in the National Paralympic Games where we can get 200 doping samples in one week. JADA is supervising the process, and we have submitted the reports in the WADA online administration system. We will do our best to meet the deadline," Musthofa said.

He added that LADI had proposed the name change the National Anti-Doping Organization of Indonesia (NADO Indonesia) to strengthen and emphasize its role as the country's NADO. The change will be stated in the revision of the National Sports Law.

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