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Kickboxing Indonesia to Compete in the World Champs

NOC Indonesia Member News   07 Oct 2021

Indonesian kickboxing team will participate in the WAKO Senior and Master World Kickboxing Championship 2021 in Italy on Oct. 15-24.

Along with Kickboxing Indonesia Chairman Ngatino and Treasurer Karan Sukarno Walia, the team met the Indonesian Olympic Committee officials - Secretary-general Ferry J. Kono, vice secretary-general Wijaya Noeradi and Executive Committee member Indra Gamulya.

Ngatino said the team participated in the event to gain international experience as most of the team members were young athletes.

"Initially, we selected the athletes in the national selection in 2021 for the SEA Games. Fortunately, there's WAKO World Championship. We hope the athletes can make the best of the event," Ngatino said.

"We want the athletes to gain new experience and broaden their horizon as this will be their first international competition. We want them to see the world and measure themselves with athletes from other countries."

The team consists of nine athletes, two technical trainers, and a physical trainer. They will depart for Italy on Oct. 10.

Kickboxing Indonesia makes the event their first step to gain international recognition. The federation has also prepared an action plan to boost the sport's popularity in the country.

"We're very serious about going international. Locally, we have set up a competition, and we have talked with Trans 7 TV station. We need support from NOC Indonesia on the international stage," said Karan.

Ferry welcomed the federation's eagerness about going international as it shares the same vision with NOC Indonesia.

"We will help Kickboxing Indonesia going international. Please provide us with more information, and we will open communication with the international federation as we want Indonesia to have a representative in each international federation," Ferry said.

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