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WADA impressed with the Work Team's swift effort

Indonesian Olympic News Update   10 Dec 2021

LAUSANNE (9/12/2021) - The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) commended the work of the Sanctions Acceleration Settlement Work Team for their swiftness in addressing the pending matters experienced by Indonesia's National Anti-Doping Organization (Indonesia NADO). WADA asks this effort to be maintained for Indonesia NADO to return to a compliant status.

Raja Sapta Oktohari, head of the Sanctions Acceleration Settlement Work Team, directly reported the team's effort and progress to WADA's Secretary-General, Olivier Niggli and Sébastien Gillot, Director of European Regional Office and Sport Movement Relations in Lausanne, Switzerland, Wednesday (8/12).

"We would like to thank the Work Team for coming from Indonesia to address this problem. We are very impressed with the Work Team for encouraging Indonesia NADO to resolve this issue swiftly," said Niggli.

"Indonesia is on the right path. They need to address several issues and maintain this effort for Indonesia NADO [sanctions] to be lifted. We will coordinate and evaluate this effort."

Okto traveled to Lausanne to report on the Work Team and Indonesia NADO's progress and convey the government's commitment to creating a clean, professional, modern, and independent environment for Indonesian sports. NOC Indonesia's Treasurer, Tommy Hermawan Lo, Vice Secretary-General, Daniel Loy, Director of International Relations, Lilla Horvath, and Head of Legal for the Work Team, Yury Zaytsev, also traveled to Switzerland.

Several members of the work team attended the hybrid meeting, namely Indonesia NADO's Vice-President, Rheza Maulana, and Dessy Rosmelita, the Secretary-General, along with Ferry Kono, NOC Indonesia's Secretary-General, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Expert Staff, Gatot S. Dewa Broto.

Indonesia NADO has completed 90 percent of the pending matters, including administrative issues such as full-time employees and resolving the Test Distribution Plan (TDP), In Competition Test (ICT), and Out of Competition Test (OCT).

Still to be resolved are Indonesia NADO's annual budget and Indonesia's legal standing in creating a clean sport environment. On those issues, Okto reiterates that the Indonesian government, including the Youth and Sports Ministry, Ministry of Finance, and the legislative bodies, is committed to obeying WADA's regulations.

"WADA's response is positive. We see this as an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and make Indonesia NADO a more independent and trustworthy organization," adds Okto.

With Indonesia set to host several sporting events in the coming years, the Work Team will do its best to help Indonesia NADO return to a compliant status. Next year, Indonesia will host the IESF 14th Esports World Championships, with ANOC Beach Games and ASEAN Para Games in 2023.

"We stressed that we cannot wait for one year after the sanction to Indonesia NADO (7 October 2021), and Olivier understands this and promises to make this a priority. He also said we don't have to wait for a year. If everything is resolved - they will give the green light," Okto concludes.

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