Raja Sapta Oktohari Explains Task Force Steps to Revoke WADA Sanctions in Parliament - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

Raja Sapta Oktohari Explains Task Force Steps to Revoke WADA Sanctions in Parliament

NOC Indonesia News Update   11 Nov 2021

President of the Olympic Committee Indonesia, who heads the WADA Sanctions Task Force, Raja Sapta Oktohari, explains all steps taken during Thursday's hearing with the House of Representatives Commission X.

Okto said Task Force would speed up the revocation process and expects the team will complete all requirements in six months.

"We have met with competent parties regarding the issues, and now we receive the sanctions relief. We can still host the scheduled competitions, the national anthem will be played during the victor ceremony, and our representatives keep their position in the international federations," said Okto.

"We're still fighting for our national flag. We want to Red-and-White fly high in the international competitions, and we will do our best to complete all requirements in six months. I appreciate all hard work and cooperation from the LADI chairman and his team."

As the signatory country, Indonesia faces the consequences because the World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA, announced the non-compliant status of the Indonesian Anti-Doping Body, LADI, on Oct. 7. The situation got complicated when the national flag was not flown during the victor ceremony after Indonesia won the Thomas Cup finals.

In late October, the sports minister appointed Okto to head the task force, and the Committee delegates made the best of the Association of National Olympic Committee (ANOC) General Assembly in Crete, Greek, to meet IOC and WADA's top brass.

As a result, communication between WADA and Indonesia's anti-doping stakeholders has opened. Several online meetings followed Crete's discussion, and LADI has signed an MoU with the Japan Anti-Doping Agency, which will supervise the execution of LADI's Test Distribution Plan.

"I also met President Joko Widodo in Rome to report all updates regarding the task force's work. President has a great concern regarding the issue and has given special attention. He asked all processes must be done professionally and we must conduct the investigation transparently," Okto said.

Head of Commission X Hetifah Sjaifudian appreciated all efforts made by sports minister, task force, and LADI.

"We appreciate quick action from sports ministry by forming acceleration and investigation team. We also urge LADI to improve its internal coordination, communication, and management, so we don't have to deal with such sanctions in the future," Hetifah said.

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