Eko Almost Concludes His Preparation - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

Eko Almost Concludes His Preparation

Indonesian Olympic News Update   28 May 2021

As Tokyo 2020 Games looming large, weightlifter Eko Yuli Irawan is getting closer to conclude his preparation for the Games.

Coach Lukman said Eko has completed 90 percent of his program and is currently in competition mode.

"When we started in April, his condition was 80 percent, and now he has reached 90 percent from our expectation. He has entered competition mode, so I expect he will achieve the weight target in July," he said on Friday.

During Friday's training session, Eko showed strong will and focus. He did all the lifts without any hesitation and difficulties. He even managed to lift more than his world record in clean & jerk.

"He could lift more weight during the snatch as he still had more power in him. But, Eko is very cautious. If he doesn't feel it in the snatch, he will not do it. He will compensate in the clean & jerk. He's three times Olympian, so he knows very well what to do," Lukman concluded..

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