KONI West Java Support Indonesia's 2032 Olympic Bid - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

KONI West Java Support Indonesia's 2032 Olympic Bid

NOC Indonesia News Update   18 Feb 2021

The Indonesian Olympic Committee gets more support in its 2032 Olympic bid, and today it comes from the National Sports Committee of Indonesia West Java office.

Chairman of KONI West Java, Brig. Gen (Ret) H. Ahmad Saefudin, said that they offer their support during their visit to the Indonesian Olympic Committee headquarter, on Thursday.

Ahmad was welcomed by Secretary General Ferry J. Kono, Vice Secretary General Wijaya M. Noeradi and members of the executive committee - Indra Gamulya, Rafiq Hakim Radinal and Teuku Arlan Perkasa Lukman.

Besides offering support for Indonesia's Olympic bid, KONI West Java and the Indonesian Olympic Committee also discussed about West Java as a sports tourism destination. Ahmad said West Java province have many sports tourism destinations, including Bandung, Pangandaran, Sukabumi, Linggarjati and Garut. The locations offer many activities such as paragliding, rafting and cycling.

"We appreciate KONI West Java's visit, which leads by Chairman Ahmad Saefudin. We would like to thank them for their support in the Olympic bidding process. We also give our full support in the development of West Java as a sports tourism destination," Ferry said.

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