NOC Indonesia will Facilitate Dialogue between PABSI and Eko - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

NOC Indonesia will Facilitate Dialogue between PABSI and Eko

NOC Indonesia News Update   29 Mar 2021

The Indonesian Olympic Committee will facilitate a dialogue between the Indonesian Weightlifting Federation (PABSI) and weightlifter Eko Yuli Irawan to find common ground towards the Tokyo Games.

Eko came to the committee's headquarters to explain his side of the story on Monday after PABSI explained theirs two weeks ago.

Eko was welcomed by executive committee members Indra Gamulya, Rafiq Hakim Radinal and Teuku Arlan Perkasa, Secretary General Ferry J. Kono, Vice Secretary-General Wijaya M. Noeradi and head of sports development commission, Jovinus Calvin Legawa.

After listening Eko's story, Rafiq said the committee will find the best solution to solve a miscommunication between PABSI and Eko for Indonesia's best interest.

"If we talk about athletes' preparation, we talk about Red and White. We will try to send athletes who already qualified for the Olympics to Tokyo. We met PABSI and today, we met Eko. He received his second official warning. God willing, there will be an agreement between PABSI and Eko for the sake of Merah Putih," Rafiq said.

He added that the committee would help Eko find a decent training center starting April 1 so the 31-year-old athlete can bring back his physical condition.
The committee's President, Raja Sapta Oktohari, joined the meeting online and reprimanded Eko for his indiscipline and unprofessional behavior, which Eko accepted.

"I came to address my wish. I also got a warning from the President. He said I must focus on Indonesia and acted as a professional athlete. The committee will find the best solution and talk to PABSI and sports minister," Eko said.

He claimed that he's still training privately at his house in Bekasi, West Java, and is monitored by PABSI coaching staff and East Java coaching staff. He also asked the committee to bring Lukman as his coach.

"Eko is still training privately and being monitored by PABSI. If he can return to his prime, we'll help him get back into the national team. We'll follow up this thing with PABSI and sports minister," said Calvin.

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