NOC Indonesia Meets Wushu to Discuss on Olympics - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

NOC Indonesia Meets Wushu to Discuss on Olympics

NOC Indonesia News Update   23 Feb 2021

The Indonesian Olympic Committee continues to prepare for Indonesia's bid to host the 2032 Olympics. One of the steps taken is to make a shortlist of additional sports to boost Indonesia's chance to be selected as the host.

Wushu is on the shortlist, and President Raja Sapta Oktohari accompanied by Secretary General Ferry J. Kono, executive committee members Rafiq Hakim Radinal and Jadi Rajagukguk met the Chairman of Wushu Indonesia, Airlangga Hartarto, who also serves as the coordinating minister for the economy.

As coordinating economic minister, the Indonesian Olympic Committee reported on the progress of Indonesia's 2032 Olympic bid. Currently, the Indonesian Olympic Committee is still waiting for the ratification of a Presidential Decree, which is the legal basis for ratifying Indonesia's steps and the legal basis for the establishment of the bidding committee.

As the chairman of Indonesian Wushu, Airlangga and the Indonesian Olympic Committee discussed wushu's opportunities to become one of the additional sports in the 2032 Olympics. The selection of wushu as an additional sport is because Indonesia has quite good sports martial arts achievements from China. In addition, this strategy will enable Indonesia to gain support from a country that has considerable influence in sports, namely China, as the country of origin of wushu.

Currently, the Indonesian Olympic Committee is exploring several sports to be enlisted as additional numbers. Apart from wushu, there are pencak silat, sport climbing, surfing, and Sepak Takraw. The committee will discuss with related national sports federations.

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