NOC Indonesia Eyes Cooperation in Equestrian with Qatar - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

NOC Indonesia Eyes Cooperation in Equestrian with Qatar

NOC Indonesia News Update   12 Feb 2021

The Indonesian Olympic Committee delegation visited Qatar to build a network and cooperate with Qatar Olympic Committee in many sports, including equestrian.

The cooperation in equestrian is wide open when the delegation visited Al Shaqab Equestrian Center on Thursday.

Al Shaqab was established in 1992 by Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani and has become the breeding center for the Arabian horse. In 2004, Al Shaqab became a Qatar Foundation member, and two years later, it began an expansion to be a world-class equestrian center.

The 980,000 square-meter equestrian center has integrated facilities. It has a breeding center, stables that can accommodate many disciplines, an indoor and outdoor arena, education center, veterinary center, equine education center, clubhouse and hotel.

Executive Committee member, Rafiq Hakim Radinal, said Al Shaqab had an advanced equestrian facility for breeding, veterinary and competition.

"They have a very advanced facility. There is a horse's treadmill with an elevated floor, pool, and water jet spa for training. They also have a recovery facility for horses," said Rafiq, who is the owner of Arthayasa Stable in the outskirt of Jakarta.

He's also impressed by the breeding farm, which breeds true Arabian horses and international horses.

"I hope we can build cooperation with Al Shaqab to build a veterinary center in Indonesia and to train our equestrian athletes, especially in show jumping events, as Qatar has an advanced training program," Rafiq said.

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