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NOC Indonesia, Sports Minister Say BWF Unprofessional

NOC Indonesia News Update   19 Mar 2021

President of the Indonesian Olympic Committee Raja Sapta Oktohari held a joint press conference with the Youth and Sports Minister Zainudin Amali, on Friday, regarding the Indonesian team withdrawal from the 2021 BWF All England tournament.

Okto appreciated the youth and sports ministry and the foreign affairs ministry for their swift response to the problems faced by Indonesian athletes in Birmingham.

The committee's President also criticized the Badminton World Federation's stance, which took health protocol set the National Health Service as an argument to kick the Indonesian team out of the tournament instead of taking responsibility.

"We want to straighten things out so that there is no misperception. Each country has its regulations in handling COVID-19. If you want to organize events in some country, you must comply with the health protocol applied. Regarding this matter, we don't want to see BWF blame the British government," he said.

The Indonesian Olympic Committee will also fight to get justice by planning to bring the matter to the Court Arbitration of Sport.

"We think BWF is very unprofessional. We have communicated with PBSI, sports ministry, foreign affairs ministry, and the Asian Badminton Federation to take the matter to International Arbitration, "said Okto.

Minister of Youth and Sports, Zainudin Amali, shared the same stance with Okto and considered that the BWF as the world badminton governing body is very unprofessional, not transparent, and discriminatory. Amali even encouraged a reform within the BWF.

Besides planning to take the case to CAS, the Indonesian Olympic Committee will send an official complaint and send an official letter to the British Olympic Association, asking for a clear explanation regarding this issue. The committee takes this step as it wants to prevent a similar incident in the future.

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