NOC Indonesia Wants to Build Sports Medicine Center - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

NOC Indonesia Wants to Build Sports Medicine Center

NOC Indonesia News Update   12 Feb 2021

Aspetar Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital is lauded as the most advanced facility for sports injury rehabilitation, and the Indonesian Olympic Committee delegation had a chance to visit the facility during their Qatar's visit.

The delegation visited the hospital on Thursday, and they were welcomed by the CEO of Aspetar, Dr. Abdulaziz Al Kuwairi.

Aspetar is one of the few hospitals accredited by the International Olympic Committee and the world football governing body, FIFA. The hospital has also been a top destination of world footballers for injury rehabilitation. Borussia Dortmund star Erling Haaland ended his rehabilitation programme at Aspetar in December.

Secretary General Ferry J. Kono said they learned valuable lessons in their visit to Aspetar as the facility gave the best treatment for athletes from Qatar and other countries.

"We see that they have integrated facilities for sports medicine, so we only have to come here for any sports-related injuries. They put their best efforts to treat athletes from Qatar and other countries for their recoveries," Ferry said.

"We need to learn how to dignify our athletes who will represent our country in the international stages. We're assessing if we can build such facilities in Indonesia. We hope we can collaborate with Qatar Olympic Committee and Qatar Foundation to build similar facilities and infrastructures in Indonesia."

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