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NOC Optimistic AWBG 2023 Bali Gives Positive Impact on Economy and Tourism Post Pandemic
 13 Jul 2022
Writer : NOC Team
NOC Optimistic AWBG 2023 Bali Gives Positive Impact on Economy and Tourism Post Pandemic - Indonesia Olympic Commitee
Credit: NOC Optimistis AWBG 2023 Bali Berdampak Positif untuk Ekonomi dan Pariwisata di Indonesia

The Indonesian Olympic Committee (NOC Indonesia) is optimistic that the 2023 ANOC World Beach Games (AWBG) can make a positive contribution to Indonesia. Especially in helping to accelerate economic recovery and tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In line with the direction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo, the Chairman of the Indonesian NOC Raja Sapta Oktohari believes that the Bali AWBG will not only benefit the world of sports, but can also have a positive impact on the economic and tourism sectors. AWBG is the most prestigious beach and water sports multi-event which will be attended by 1,200 athletes and 1,400 officials from 100 countries and is also the biggest because it will receive representatives from 205 NOCs and 36 International Federations around the world as well as high-ranking international sports organizations, including IOC leaders. , OCA, WADA, to CAS at the General Assembly.

After Bali was appointed to host the AWBG 2023 in June, the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) together with NOC Indonesia immediately strengthened coordination. The ANOC delegation led by ANOC Executive Board Member and Head of the Events Commission Timothy Fok and Secretary General Gunila Lindberg visited the Island of the Gods on 7-12 July and met with cross-ministerial meetings in Jakarta the day after. 

“Excellent initial coordination. This is in line with the direction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo to bring many international sporting events to Indonesia so that it can provide multi-layer effects for Indonesia, both from the sports sector to tourism and the economy," said Raja Sapta Oktohari at the opening of the Move for Peace Photo Exhibition at the office. NOC Indonesia, Wednesday (13/07).

According to Okto, President Joko Widodo has full attention to the Indonesian sports sector, which can be seen clearly through his policies, both giving appreciation to outstanding athletes to the seriousness of increasing achievement by aiming to enter the top 5 of the 2044 Olympics, ahead of 100 years of Indonesian independence.

"When the President welcomed the SEA Games contingent at the State Palace, the President spoke to me and Menpora Zainudin Amali that boosting the economy can be done by bringing as many international events as possible to Indonesia," said Okto.

“When he reported to the President that Bali was hosting the 2023 AWBG, he was happy and said he would speak to the Ministry of Finance so that the Bali AWBG can run successfully. I hope the AWBG Bali 2023 will also be a continuation of the ongoing G20 succession in Indonesia this year and a celebration ahead of the celebration of Indonesia's 78th independence day," said Okto.

During their visit to Bali, Fok and Lindberg were also accompanied by Technical Director Haider Farman, Project Director Emilia Robert, International Relations Gustavo Harada, and AWBG Project Manager Andres Santi. They were welcomed by Okto Yang and the Executive Committee of Rafiq Hakim Radinal and the management of NOC Indonesia, including the Deputy Secretary General Daniel Loy, the Culture and Education Commission Ricard Sam Bera and the Director of International Relations Cresida Mariska and Lilla Horvath.

For five days, they visited and discussed potential locations to be used for AWBG Bali 2023, such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, to Sanur. This review is an initial identification of options for determining accommodation, medical facilities, transportation routes, as well as the venue for the opening ceremony, as well as the venue which will then be discussed at the International Federation (IF's) Technical Delegation (TD) meeting in Bali in September 2022.

On that occasion, the ANOC and NOC Indonesia delegation also met with the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster who also expressed his support for the implementation of the AWBG and he is committed to promoting this event to the younger generation, as well as offering access to infrastructure and public services so that this event can run successfully.

The government also provided the same support when NOC Indonesia and the ANOC delegation met with SOE Minister Erick Thohir who is also an IOC Member, Minister for Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali, and Deputy Minister for Tourism and Creative Economy Angela Tanoesoedibjo. They guarantee that they will provide full support for the implementation of the AWBG.

“We enjoyed the productivity of our visits to Bali and Jakarta and we can't wait to continue this wonderful collaboration with Indonesia in the next few months. We have no doubt that Bali 2023 can be an extraordinary multi-event with beautiful beaches that will be the highlight of this event. We will work with NOC Indonesia and we make sure all NOCs and their athletes have the best in 2023," said Lindberg.

Bali will host the second edition of the AWBG on August 5-12, 2023. The first time the world's most prestigious beach and water sports event will be held in Doha, Qatar, 2019. Bali 2023 will compete in 10 mandatory sports, namely aquathlon, handball beach, beach football, beach tennis, 4x4 beach volleyball, beach water polo, beach wrestling, individual kata karate, kite-surfing and 5km open-air swimming - as well as four additional sports, two submitted by the hosts and two by the ANOC.