Okto Hopes FHI Proves a Lesson - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

Okto Hopes FHI Proves a Lesson

Indonesian Olympic News Update   24 May 2021

The Indonesian Olympic Committee welcomes the Indonesian Hockey Federation, FHI, recognition as Indonesia's sole national federation.

FHI was officially recognized as its member by the International Hockey Federation, FIH, during the 47th FIH Congress held virtually on May 22.

The Indonesian Olympic Committee President Raja Sapta Oktohari said he was glad that FHI finally earned its rights.

"FHI had endured a long journey to get recognized as the national federation, and NOC Indonesia has stood by its side. I'm very happy for FHI as the federation's officials have shown they are proactive and willing to fight," Okto said on Monday.

He added that the committee appreciated the relentless work shown by FHI officials in developing the sport in Indonesia despite the legal problem it faced.

"They know what to do and always keep communicating with us. With such an attitude, we didn't find any handicap to help FHI solving its problem. FHI case is an excellent example for other national sports stakeholders," said Okto.

"There are few national federations faced a similar problem with FHI. I hope they can take a lesson from FHI. It's not only about recognition. The most important thing is to develop the sport and athletes' performance," he concluded.

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