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Persambi Urged to Actively Promote Olympic Values
 24 Jan 2022
Writer : NOC Team
Persambi Urged to Actively Promote Olympic Values - Indonesia Olympic Commitee
Credit: NOC Team

The Olympic Committee of Indonesia urges the Indonesian Sambo Federation (Persambi) to promote the Olympic Values actively.

The International Sambo Federation (FIAS) has been acknowledged as a recognized international federation by the International Olympic Committee; hence Sambo is now part of the Olympic Movement, said the executive committee member of the Olympic Committee of Indonesia Indra Gamulya.

"As the IOC has acknowledged FIAS as a recognized international federation, we encourage Persambi to help FIAS achieve its aspiration to include Sambo as part of the Olympic Games program. With the IOC recognition, Sambo is now part of the Olympic Movement. Then, Persambi also has a responsibility to promote the Olympic Values to its members and the public," said Indra during the opening of the Persambi election meeting on Monday.

Sambo will not be part of any multisports program this year, and Indra asked Persambi to switch its focus to FIAS's events to improve the skills of both athletes and technical officials.

"There are many events in FIAS calendar, from world cups, world championship, and Asian championship. We also encourage Persambi to send technical officials to the referee seminars to improve their skills. We need both excellent athletes and technical officials when we host the Asian event next July," said Indra, referring to the Open Asian Sambo Cup in Bali, in July.