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Indonesian Olympic Committee Organizes General Assembly

NOC Indonesia News Update   01 Mar 2021

The Indonesian Olympic Committee held the 2021 Annual General Assembly on Monday.

The meeting is a mandatory annual event, and total of 62 members - consist of 33 Olympic sports NF, 28 Non-Olympic sports NF and Indonesian Olympic Association - attended the meeting.

Youth and Sports Minister Zainudin Amali officially opened the meeting. In his opening speech, Amali stated that Olympic Games must be the main focus for all national federations, while Asian Games and SEA Games are intermediate target.

"Minister's direction that NF must set highest possible goal. Olympic and World Championships must be the main goal for all national federations, while SEA Games and Asian Games are intermediate target. Achievements in SEA Games and Asian Games should be assessed because the national federations are the solely parties who undergo athletes development. From the assessement, we can see whether it works or not," President Raja Sapta Oktohari told media.

He also put an emphasize that the committee's headquarter is open for all members as the committee exists to serve its members. The committee will provide services, including facilitate a communication with continental and international federation so the national federation could play more active role in Asia and the world.

"We will help national federations to communicate with continental and international federations, because as the fourth most populated country in the world and the success of the 2018 Asian Games and Asian Para Games, Indonesia has to take more active role in international level. Especially, we want to host the 2032 Olympic Games," Okto added.

The Indonesian Olympic Committee appreciated an initiative from sports and youth minister to give priority for athletes and other sports officials for Covid-19 vacination program.

"It's a boost for us to push athletes' performance towards the Olympic Games and SEA Games. We also appreciate an initiative from sports minister and Chief of National Police who have designed protocols for football competition," Okto said.

The meeting ratified five main agenda: meeting's agenda, code of conduct, work report and financial statement of the committee and the 2021 proposed program. Moreover, all members also agreed to give a mandate to the executive committee meeting to appoint public accountant who will audit the committee.

The forum also ratified the apparel for Tim Indonesia in 2021. Chinese apparel Li Ning will supply all apparel for Tim Indonesia from 2021 to 2023.

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