Rio Waida advances to Round of 16 - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

Rio Waida advances to Round of 16

Indonesian Olympic News Update   25 Jul 2021

TOKYO (25/07/21) - Despite his early struggles, Rio Waida fought back to earn his way into the Round of 16 in the men's shortboard event in surfing. With host' surfer Kanoa Igarashi waiting in the next round, Rio aims to be more precise in reading the waves.

"Just want to focus on myself, and hopefully tomorrow the waves can boost my performance," said Rio.

In Round 1, Rio admits that he did not adapt quickly and had a poor selection in the wave.

"But I learn from those mistakes and perform better," said the 21-year old surfer.

Rio's coach, Tipi Jabrik, thinks his protege performed below par in Round 1. But he believes there's much good from Rio having to fight his way through to the Round of 16.

"It's risky, but it gives him more chance to acclimatize," said Tipi.

Though at times nerve-wracking, Tipi is proud of Rio's performance. In Round 2, he finished in second place with 11,53 points, just below former World Champion John Florence of the USA. Tipi thinks that Rio only needs to focus on his own game and be more selective with the waves. He also thinks there's no reason to fear the impending typhoon predicted to hit Japan tomorrow (26/7).

"Our opponent will make evaluations and will employ a similar strategy," concludes Tipi.

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