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31st SEA Games Set for May 2022

SEA Games   18 Oct 2021

The Southeast Asian Games Federation, SEAGF, has finally agreed that the 31st SEA Games, initially scheduled in 2021, will be organized in May 2022 in Hanoi.

SEAGF members agreed on the decision during a virtual meeting on Monday, led by SEAGF Chief Operating Officer Dato' Seri  Chaiyapak Siriwat.

The Federation opts for the date to give Cambodia to prepare for the 32nd SEA Games in 2023. All members also agreed to Siriwat's suggestion to appoint a co-president from Cambodia, so start from December 2021, SEAGF will have two presidents.

Secretary-General of the Olympic Committee of Indonesia Ferry J. Kono welcomed the decision as it provided the solution for all members.
"Of course, we're grateful for the decision. We've had meetings for months discussing the matter, and finally, we agreed on a conclusion. We definitely will participate in the 31st SEA Games. Now, we can turn our focus to planning the budget and the team for next year," Ferry said.

While asked regarding the situation of the National Anti-Doping Organization, Ferry said that the Committee was currently working closely with other stakeholders to provide the best solution.

"We just had a meeting with the sports minister and LADI (NADO of Indonesia), and we agreed to form a task force to solve the problem. We will work fast, and we hope we can clear it in three months," he said.

After making a decision, the Federation will wait for an official letter from the Vietnam government regarding the confirmation of the Games. All members need the letter to be shown to their respective governments.

In the meeting, Siriwat also proposed a joint statement by the SEAGF regarding the ASEAN Sports Ministers Meeting, slated for Oct. 28.

The statement will highlight the independence of the SEAGF and SEA Games, which is similar to the independence of the Asian Games under the Olympic Council of Asia and the Olympic Games under the International Olympic Committee.

It will also address the need for the inclusion of Olympic and Asian Games sports, disciplines and events as part of the objective of the SEA Games athletes at the Olympic and Asian Games.

With the addition of the SEA Games, there will be four multisports events in 2022 - SEA Games, Islamic Solidarity Games, Asian Games, and Asian Youth Games.

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