31st SEA Games Scheduled for May 12-23, 2022 - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

31st SEA Games Scheduled for May 12-23, 2022

SEA Games   07 Dec 2021

The 31st SEA Games organizers have confirmed the event will be held on May 12-23, 2022, during Tuesday's SEA Games Federation (SEAGF) meeting.

Hanoi will be the main host city, with nearby cities and provinces as co-host cities. The organizers expect approximately 10,000 participants, comprised of athletes, officials, technical delegates, and media, coming to Vietnam.

The 31st SEA Games will feature 526 events from 40 sports. The program is picked after a joint evaluation by the organizing committee, Vietnam Olympic Committee, and based on the SEA Games Federation Charter and Rules.

Aquatics has the most events, 48, followed by athletics with 47 events. The games will also feature Xiangqi, or the Chinese Chess, for the first time.

The organizers received questions regarding the Covid-19 countermeasure during the meeting, and they stated that all participants had to undergo a daily saliva PCR test. They will also provide a medical team and ambulance at each competition venue and accommodation.

As part of the Covid-19 pandemic prevention, the organizers will also ask the delegation to provide a medical form or epidemic control forms and passport of vaccination.

As the deadline is very tight, all NOCs asked the organizers to send the official invitation and technical handbook immediately as they have to submit the invitation to their respective governments.

The following key date is the first CDM Meeting in Hanoi, scheduled for January 2022.

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