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Women in Sport Talk Show Addresses Sexual Abuse in Sport

Sports Features   04 Dec 2021

Athletes have to speak up if they experience abuse from trainers or officials, as a member of Women in Sport Commission Dian WK Arifin said during the weekly talk show on Friday.

Dian referred to the sexual abuse done by the team doctor of the US women's national gymnastics team, Larry Nassar.

"Athletes should not keep it to themselves. They have to report if they experience any abuse from trainers or officials. They can talk to their parents, or come to us. We, the Women in Sport Commission, will help them. It's one of our duty," said Dian, former national gymnast.

"As sports officials or administrators, we also need to prevent it by creating the countermeasures. For example, a female athlete must be accompanied by a female trainer during the examination by a male doctor."

Gymnast Sutji Narendra shared a similar opinion as she said she felt more comfortable and secure when a female doctor examined her.

"Please don't put us, female athletes, in an uncomfortable and insecure position. Personally, I feel more secure if there's a female companion when a male doctor examines me. Don't let us be alone in the examination room with a male doctor," she said.

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