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Mix team falls in quarters, eyes next event

Indonesian Olympic News Update   24 Jul 2021

Tokyo, 24/7/2021 – Indonesian duet Riau Ega Agatha and Diananda Choirunisa in the mixed team fall in the quarterfinal stage as they lost to Turkey in Yumenoshima Final Field.

Yasemin Anagoz and Mete Gazoz prove too strong for the Indonesian team as they lost 6-2. Indonesia’s wait for another medal in archery thus will have to come from other events.

Ega and Anis came out strong in the first and second sets. But the wind proves to be an obstacle for Indonesia as they struggle in the third and fourth sets.

“We tried our best to read the wind, and we aim there was no wind. But when the arrows were loose, the wind intervened, and we can’t hit the target. We couldn’t make up enough ground from there. Hopefully, we can perform better in the next round,” said Ega after the match.

Lilies Handayani, the coach of the Indonesian archery team, was optimistic about her proteges' chances in securing a medal and that they can overcome the wind situation.

“Just wasn’t detailed enough. The wind is different from yesterday. Before, it [the wind] came not from the middle but from the target and the sides. Now, the wind is in the middle and not in the target. That fooled us. There was no wind when we take aim, but then once we fired, the wind appears,” added the 1988 Olympic silver medallist.

This failure is by no means the end for the archery team. Anis will compete in the women’s individual event, while Ega will compete in the men’s individual and team event.

“I am still optimistic with my chance in the individual number. After this, we will practice again and try to cut out the errors. We need to be more detailed when reading the wind, not just on the target, but also in the middle, between the archer and the target,” said Anis.

Anis will face Danish archer Maja Jager in the women’s individual elimination round on Thursday (29/7), while Ega will face David Barnes (Australia) and Bagas Prastyadi takes on Australian archer Taylor Worth on the same day. Another Indonesian archer, Arif Dwi Pangestu, will face Florian Unruh of Germany on Tuesday (27/7).

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