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Chess Team to Step Up Preparation
 07 Apr 2022
Writer : NOC Team
Chess Team to Step Up Preparation - Indonesia Olympic Commitee
Credit: NOC Team

The Chess team are stepping up their preparation heading to the 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam next month. Speaking during the Chef de Mission (CdM) team visit to monitor the athletes' preparation, coach of the women's team, Lisa Lumongdong, is hoping to use the remaining time to reach peak performance.

"We have started our preparation before last year, since this SEA Games was delayed, we actually started training camp back in 2020. Since then, we can see that the athletes' performance are getting better, and we hope at the Games, they will reach peak performance," said Lisa.

With just little over a month remaining, the athletes are entering a crucial phase of their preparation, namely studying their potential opponents, with Vietnam and The Philippines among the top competitors.

"We have moved from a general training into a more specific portion, especially by studying our potential opponents at the Games," explain Lisa.

The next portion of the training camp will take place in Bali, where the team will decompress and foster teamwork and unity among its members.

"We will have a try-in on April 18, in Bali. This is a warming-up phase, but we will also use it to relax slightly. We want to build a team spirit, they have to support each other, it's normal for youngsters to clash, but we hope with the time spent together, they will be more solid as team," adds Lisa.

In terms of target, the team is aiming to go one better than the two gold medals won in SEA Games 2019. Back then, Indonesia topped the Chess medal table, taking home three silvers and one bronze to go along with the two gold medals.

"Our target is three gold medals, in the previous SEA Games we won two medals, from Medina [Warda Aulia, blitz putri] and Susanto [Megaranto, blitz putra]," concludes Lisa.

The CdM team will continue their monitoring mission by visiting the training camp of the Gymnastics team later today.