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CdM Team monitors Triathlon Training Camp
 01 Apr 2022
Writer : NOC Team
CdM Team monitors Triathlon Training Camp - Indonesia Olympic Commitee
Credit: NOC Team

The CdM Team monitors each sports' preparation for the upcoming SEA Games, by visiting the Triathlon team Today (1/4). Yesterday, the CdM team visited archery, shooting, and swimming.

The Triathlon and Duathlon team conducted a try-in at PIK II, Banten starting at 7.00 local time. This try-in will be their final preparation in Indonesia for the athletes before heading to Thailand for a one-month Training Camp (TC).

This plan was confirmed by Joko Warsito, President of Triathlon Indonesia (Federasi Triathlon Indonesia/FTI).

"The try-in process will be our final preparation at home. Insyaallah, we will continue our preparation in Thailand to strengthen the athletes' condition and to allow them to adapt to the environment. They will be meeting with athletes from other countries," said Joko.

Joko was pleased with the athletes' preparation thus far.

"[Today] went as expected by the coach, the time was good, both in duathlon and triathlon. Insyaallah for the competition, we will be ready," added Joko.

On the other hand, the CdM's Cluster Manager, Cresida Mariska said that the CdM team must use the remaining time efficiently for the athletes to reach peak performance in SEA Games.

"Today, the Triathlon and Duathlon team have conducted a special preparation since we are only 40 days away from departure to Vietnam. Following instructions from CdM and Deputy, we want to use the remaining time as effectively and efficiently. We want to anticipate any obstacles before they depart so that they can focus and perform to the best of their abilities there," said Cresida.

Watching the athletes prepare and train vigorously for Southeast Asia's most prestigious multi-sport event has lit up a fire under the Tim CdM.

"Watching the athletes' preparation and effort, we are even more motivated to set our strategy. We want to prepare for all scenarios before the team departs, especially for the non-technical factors," she concluded.

Tim CdM will also visit the training camps of Athletics and Wushu later Today.